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Models / Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson Vital Stats:
Age:  19
Fun Fact:  Always makes every girl he has sex with squirt

Owen is a very hot 19-year-old frat boy with a great body and even better face. He is an extremely polite and respectful young man who is no stranger to physical discipline.
Owen Thompson Updates

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Owen's First Spanking
Owen Thompson
Owen is a hot, straight, 19-year-old frat boy. He is extremely fit with a tight body and the face of a model. In his interview video, we learned that Owen has a history with switches, wooden spoons and belts. He said that he didn't get into much trouble when he was younger, and Tom's pretty sure there's...

Tags: College Student, First Contact Video, Frat Boy, Hung

Owen's Interview
Owen Thompson
Owen is a very hot 19-year-old straight frat boy. In addition to being an exceptionally nice and polite young man, Owen has a great body and an amazing face. He knows he's good-looking, but he is not cocky or conceited. Owen has had sex with over 50 women and prides himself on having made all of them...

Tags: College Student, Frat Boy, Hung, Interview

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