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Models / Owen Thompson
Owen Thompson Vital Stats:
Age:  19
Fun Fact:  Always makes every girl he has sex with squirt

Owen is a very hot 19-year-old frat boy with a great body and even better face. He is an extremely polite and respectful young man who is no stranger to physical discipline.
Owen Thompson Updates

Owen in the Stockade
Owen Thompson
Owen is 21 and straight. Tom has spanked him with many implements in many positions. Today, Owen is in for some new experiences: being locked in a stockade and punished with a surprising new implement! In Colonial times, a person locked in a stockade (also known as a pillory) would likely face being...

Tags: Bent Over Bondage Bubble Butt Hung

Fucking Spanking Part 2
Owen Thompson
This is Part 2 of Owen getting spanked while he was fucking a sex toy. It also includes the spanking footage from part 1, but shown from different angles. Owen is always telling Tom about his sexual exploits. Tom doesn’t doubt him, but feels it is time to teach Owen to be humble. The result is this...

Tags: Bubble Butt Caning Hung Muscular

Fucking Spanking
Owen Thompson
Owen is a 21-year-old straight boy who has shot with us many times. He frequently tells Tom stories of his sexual escapades. Women throw themselves at him, and he has sex very frequently. He had so much sex that his friends call him a “fuck boy.” Tom has decided it’s time to teach Owen a lesson...

Tags: Bubble Butt College Student Frat Boy Hung

Answer, Bitch Part 2
Owen Thompson
Tom has known Owen for quite a while now. Owen is a very friendly and courteous young man in most respects, but he has become too familiar with Tom. This became abundantly clear when Tom found a late-night voicemail from Owen that said, simply, “Answer, Bitch!” Owen had probably been drinking...

Tags: Bondage Bubble Butt Frat Boy Hung

Answer, Bitch!
Owen Thompson
Owen is a very hot 21-year-old straight boy. Tom has become friendly with some of the boys over the years, and Owen is one of them. This can sometimes, however, lead a boy to think he is one of Tom’s peers. Lines become blurred and are sometimes crossed. This is one of those instances. Owen has...

Tags: Bondage Bubble Butt College Student Frat Boy

Owen and the Blackboard
Owen Thompson
Owen is a very hot 21-year-old straight boy with an amazing body. This video picks up where “Owen in Long Underwear” left off. It’s already been a long, hard spanking, though you wouldn’t know it to look at Owen’s butt. Owen’s butt is bulletproof. It isn’t that he doesn’t feel the spankings....

Tags: Bent Over Bubble Butt College Student Frat Boy

Owen in Long Underwear
Owen Thompson
Owen is a hot, straight 21-year-old frat boy with a stunningly hot body and face. Tom decided to buy some tight, bright-red long athletic underwear for Owen to wear in this video. This spanking begins with Tom putting Owen over his knee. He then asks Owen if he knows what behavior needs to be addressed....

Tags: Athletic Gear Bubble Butt College Student Frat Boy

Confession is Bad for the Butt
Owen Thompson
Owen is a hot 21-year-old straight boy. He has an incredible body and a beautiful face. Like a beautiful woman, Owen’s good looks and charm often garner him special treatment. Immediately before this spanking, Owen was telling Tom about how he had spent the night before. He was partying with his...

Tags: Bent Over Bubble Butt Caning Frat Boy