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Models / Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson Vital Stats:
Age:  19
Fun Fact:  Always makes every girl he has sex with squirt

Owen is a very hot 19-year-old frat boy with a great body and even better face. He is an extremely polite and respectful young man who is no stranger to physical discipline.
Owen Thompson Updates

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Owen's Butt Plug Spanking
Owen Thompson
This is a very different spanking for young Owen. More than just a hard spanking, this session includes a fairly large butt plug that makes Owen feel every whack very keenly. The video opens with a very nervous Owen shifting back and forth as he considers what's about to happen. He says he's tried...

Tags: Bent Over, Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy

Owen Suspended Part 2
Owen Thompson
This is the conclusion of Owen's suspension spanking. It was a long, hard spanking owing to the fact that, a few days before, Owen had drunk texted Tom at 4:30 in the morning for no good reason. Owen had explained this behavior by saying that he was drunk. That's no excuse as far as Tom is concerned...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy

Owen Suspended
Owen Thompson
A few days before Owen came in for this video, he texted Tom at 4:30 in the morning because he wanted to see one of his videos. Tom was not happy, and he let Owen know it. It seems Owen was drunk and, in his drunken state, a text at that hour for that purpose somehow made sense. Today is the day he paid...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Frat Boy, Hung

Owen Back Over the Knee
Owen Thompson
This is the conclusion of the hardest spanking Owen has ever received. It started with his wedgie spanking (video title: "Owen's Wedgie Spanking"). Owen had already endured a very harsh spanking by the end of that video, but, unbeknownst to him, his spanking was far from done. This video opens with...

Tags: Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy, Hung

Owen and Parker Together
Owen Thompson, Parker Jones
We are very happy to bring you two of our most popular, hottest models, Owen and Parker (ages 20 and 19), together for the first time. They met just 20 minutes before this spanking began, and both of them are more than a bit nervous and embarrassed regarding what's about to happen. Both of them have,...

Tags: Bent Over, Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy

Owen's Wedgie Spanking
Owen Thompson
Owen, age 19, is back for his hardest spanking yet, and it has quite a twist. This is the first wedgie spanking video we've shot. We use an "ultra-wedgie machine," as Owen himself describes it. Tom attaches clips to the back of Owen's white briefs. The clips are attached to a rope that is attached...

Tags: Bubble Butt, College Student, Hung, Muscular

Unpaid Consequences
Owen Thompson
This is our first unpaid video. Owen knew up front that he wouldn't be paid for this shoot because he had failed to show up for the previous two shoots he had scheduled. Tom understands that college students, especially good-looking ones, are busy with their studies and social lives. The problem wasn't...

Tags: College Student, Frat Boy, Hung, Muscular

Red Uniform, Red Butt
Owen Thompson
Owen goes back over Tom's knee, this time wearing a classic jockstrap and red soccer uniform. Tom gives it to Owen with his hand and a series of implements including a leather slapper, leather strap, wooden bath brush and a small PVC flog. While Owen's butt doesn't redden easily, he finds the spankings...

Tags: Athletic Gear, Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy

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