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Models / Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson Vital Stats:
Age:  19
Fun Fact:  Always makes every girl he has sex with squirt

Owen is a very hot 19-year-old frat boy with a great body and even better face. He is an extremely polite and respectful young man who is no stranger to physical discipline.
Owen Thompson Updates

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Fuck You, Sir
Owen Thompson
This is the second half of the spanking that began in “Five Reasons Why.” Owen was short on funds and had asked Tom for this shoot. While Tom was getting ready in the other room, Owen wrote “Fuck You” on Tom’s chalkboard. He thought it was funny. Tom saw it as a sign Owen is getting too comfortable,...

Tags: Bubble Butt, Hung, Muscular, OTK

Five Reasons Why
Owen Thompson
Owen called Tom in need of a last-minute shoot. Not having anything planned, the first question in Tom’s mind was for what transgressions he’d be spanking Owen. He decided Owen would have to come up with his own reasons if he wanted Tom to do the video. Between them, they came up with five reasons....

Tags: Bubble Butt, Hung, Muscular, OTK

Owen Suspended by All Fours
Owen Thompson
Owen is a 21-year-old straight boy who is no stranger to spankings. Tom told him up front that he’d have to be suspended for this video. Owen didn’t like the idea, but eventually agreed. Owen has grown too familiar and comfortable with Tom. Before the cameras were recording, Owen was joking around...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy

No More Lies
Owen Thompson
Owen was just making excuses. Tom has long suspected that Owen cancels when he finds himself wanting to go out with his friends and party. Owen was supposed to show up for a spanking a few weeks before this shoot. However, he texted Tom only a few hours before he was to arrive and told Tom he had...

Tags: Bent Over, Bubble Butt, Caning, College Student

Credit 101
Owen Thompson
Hot, hung and muscular Owen is back for another spanking. This time, Tom makes him put on white briefs and pajamas before ordering him over his knee. Owen needs to do this shoot to pay bills. Like many young people who go off to college, Owen has gotten himself in trouble by borrowing more money....

Tags: Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy, Hung

Pop Quiz
Owen Thompson, Parker Jones
For this shoot we brought two of our most popular models, Owen and Parker (ages 20 and 19), together for the first time. While Tom has spanked each of the separately, today marks the first time the boys have met. Within in minutes of meeting, they found themselves ordered to strip down in front of one...

Tags: College Student, Frat Boy, Hung, Multiple Boys

Owen in Baseball Gear Part 2
Owen Thompson
Owen's long spanking in baseball gear continues. In the first part of this video, Tom lectured Owen for having gone out the night before and wasted $350 on a VIP table with bottle service, and then drinking so much that he couldn't remember either the evening out or driving home under the influence....

Tags: Athletic Gear, Baseball Uniform, Bubble Butt, College Student

Owen in Baseball Gear
Owen Thompson
Owen is back. He is one of our favorite and most popular straight boys, which is no surprise given his stunningly good looks. This video came about when Owen texted Tom early one morning to ask about doing a video (why Owen consistently texts at times Tom has asked him not to is an ongoing mystery)....

Tags: Athletic Gear, Baseball Uniform, Bubble Butt, College Student

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