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Models / Parker Jones

Parker Jones Vital Stats:
Age:  18
Fun Fact:  Believes that physical discipline has benifited him

Parker is a super hot and cute 18-year-old straight boy. He is no stranger to physical discipline and believes that its use on him has helped him. However, Parker has never been over a man's knee before, and certainly not on video. There are many new experiences in store for him in our videos.
Parker Jones Updates

Owen and Parker Together
Owen Thompson, Parker Jones
We are very happy to bring you two of our most popular, hottest models, Owen and Parker (ages 20 and 19), together for the first time. They met just 20 minutes before this spanking began, and both of them are more than a bit nervous and embarrassed regarding what's about to happen. Both of them have,...

Tags: Bent Over, Bubble Butt, College Student, Frat Boy

Parker on the Bench
Parker Jones
Nineteen-year-old straight boy Parker is living on his own for the first time in his life, and he has been developing some bad habits. Tom dropped him off at his apartment after a recent shoot and made an excuse to come in. Once inside, he had a look around and found exactly what he thought he'd find:...

Tags: Bondage, Restraints, Spanking Bench, Teenager

Playing Dumb
Parker Jones
Parker is a very young and wholesome-looking 19-year-old straight boy. He showed up for this shoot wearing a loud t-shirt with very prominent profanity. Parker had shown up for his first shoot in this same shirt. As Tom had requested, he had brought a change of clothes to that first shoot in case what...

Tags: Bent Over, Bondage, Caning, Restraints

Parker Upside Down
Parker Jones
Parker is a very young-looking 19-year-old straight boy with a handsome face and hot, lean body. This is the second part of Parker's second spanking shoot, but it is very much its own video. In other words, Parker got the equivalent of two full spankings on this day. A week after this video was done,...

Tags: Restraints, Suspension, Teenager, Upside Down

Parker Suspended
Parker Jones
Parker is a hot, boyish 19-year-old straight boy with a handsome young face and hot body. After considering not coming back again, young Parker is back for his second video. It is, by his own reckoning, much harder than his first. When he arrived, Parker had no idea that he would be bound and suspended...

Tags: Bondage, Restraints, Suspension, Teenager

Parker's First Spanking
Parker Jones
First Contact Video! This video shows the very first time Parker has been touched by a man in a way that was even remotely sexual. Parker is a very cute 18-year-old straight boy from a small town. As he explains in his interview, he is no stranger to physical discipline. In this video, you'll see...

Tags: First Contact Video, Hung, Interview, OTK