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Models / Wes Smith

Wes Smith Vital Stats:
Age:  22
Fun Fact:  Has one of the most-perfect bubble butts we have seen

Wes is a very muscular 22-year-old straight boy with an incredible face and perfect bubble butt. Having been raised in a strict religious family, Wes is no stranger to physical discipline.
Wes Smith Updates

Wedgie and Butt Plug Spanking
Wes Smith
Wes is a hot, ripped straight boy with a great body, including an amazing butt. Today Wes is in for a very different spanking. We've shot a wedgie spanking before, but this is the first time we've combined a wedgie with a butt plug. Every time Tom pulls Wes' waistband up more with the industrial hoist,...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Muscular, Suspension

Wes' Motorcycle Spanking
Wes Smith
Muscle boy Wes is back. This time Tom has told him to bring his motorcycle, the embodiment of Wes' youth and masculinity, so that Tom can spank him on it. Wes was not thrilled with the idea, but he has complied. Tom orders Wes onto his bike and begins to spank his firm, round bubble butt over his...

Tags: Bent Over, Bubble Butt, Muscular

Wes Suspended by All Fours
Wes Smith
Wes is back for another bondage spanking. Last time, Tom suspended Wes upside down for a harsh punishment session. This time, Wes is suspended by his wrists and ankles. It is a stressful, humiliating position that puts every part of Wes on display. Tom uses his hand, a paint stick, riding crop, wooden...

Tags: Bent Over, Bubble Butt, Muscular, Restraints

Wes Upside Down
Wes Smith
Ripped straight boy Wes, age 22, is back for another spanking, and Tom told him in advance it would be somehow different this time. That difference ends up being Wes suspended upside down by his ankles on Tom's spreader bar. It's a stressful position, and a humiliating one for a straight boy like Wes....

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Muscular, Restraints

Wes Strapped to the Table
Wes Smith
Wes is a ripped straight boy in need of some extra income. He decided to do gay4pay and spanking videos for our websites. In this video, you'll see Wes get his third spanking and it's the hardest one yet. Tom straps Wes to table in the prone position putting a bolster cushion under his privates to...

Tags: Bent Over, Bondage, Muscular, Restraints

Boot Thief
Wes Smith
Wes is a very muscular 22-year-old straight boy. He needed to supplement his income and was willing to do a solo video and a spanking video at his first shoot. His first spanking was relatively light, but he still had a hard time with it. He returned for a second shoot, and Tom gave him this very noticeably...

Tags: Bent Over, Bubble Butt, Muscular

Wes' First Spanking
Wes Smith
FIRST CONTACT VIDEO! This is not only Wes' first spanking video, but also the first time he has been touched by a man. Wes is an extremely fit 22-year-old straight boy with a muscular body and a great face. He was hesitant to do a video, but, even though he is a hard-working young man, he needed some...

Tags: Bubble Butt, First Contact Video, Interview, Muscular