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Models / Trevor Birch

Trevor Birch Vital Stats:
Age:  21
Fun Fact:  Always tried to avoid discipline from his father because he is a guy

Trevor is a hot 21-year-old straight boy who needed to make some extra money. He had always tried to evade his father's physical discipline because he didn't want to be spanked by a man. He had to get over that to do videos for us.
Trevor Birch Updates

Josh Spanks Trevor
Josh Young, Trevor Birch
A few weeks ago you saw Trevor spank 18-year-old Josh in the video “Trevor Spanks Josh.” Now you will see the tables turned as young Josh spanks Trevor. Josh is shy and more than a bit awkward in the role of a spanker. He is uncomfortable having Trevor over his knee and spanking him, and that...

Tags: Boy Spanks Boy, Bubble Butt, Hung, OTK

Trevor Spanks Josh
Josh Young, Trevor Birch
This is the first video we’ve released in which one boy spanks another. Trevor, a 23-year-old straight boy, spanks Josh, a very inexperienced 18-year-old straight boy from a small town. Josh has already been spanked by Tom, but being spanked by another young straight man is a new experience for him....

Tags: Boy Spanks Boy, Bubble Butt, Multiple Boys, OTK

Trevor Suspended by All Fours
Trevor Birch
Trevor is a tall boy with muscular legs and a firm, round butt. He has a large frame and is strong, but he has a very hard time being spanked. Trevor does not try to suppress his reactions, probably because he can't. In this video, Tom suspends Trevor by his wrists and ankles. Tom then proceeds to...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Hispanic, Restraints

Trevor in the Tower
Trevor Birch
In this video, we introduce a custom-made apparatus Tom commissioned for our studio. He had seen another similar device in a photo years ago, and had saved that photo knowing that he would eventually have something similar built. Tom calls it the tower, or the spanking tower, depending on what it's being...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Caning, Restraints

Whimpering and Whining
Trevor Birch
Trevor is back for a bondage spanking. Tom decided it was time to put Trevor on a table and suspend his feet high above him, leaving his butt well-exposed for a harsh spanking. Unsurprisingly, Trevor doesn't like this position. No straight boy would, really. His legs are forced apart by Tom's spreader...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Hung, Restraints

Trevor's Soccer Spanking
Trevor Birch
Twenty-one year old straight boy Trevor is back for his third spanking, and it's a harsh one. Tom has Trevor put on a soccer uniform (including a jockstrap) and then proceeds to spank him harshly by hand and with a wooden spoon, paint stick, wooden paddle, thin acrylic paddle and a belt. As the spanking...

Tags: Athletic Gear, Bent Over, Bubble Butt, Hung

Trevor Over the Knee
Trevor Birch
Trevor is a fit, masculine 21-year-old straight boy with a great butt. He was so opposed to physical contact with a man that Tom did not put Trevor over his knee for his first spanking. However, since Trevor returned for this second spanking, Tom put him right over his knee, much to Trevor's surprise....

Tags: Bubble Butt, OTK

Trevor's First Spanking
Trevor Birch
First Contact Video! This is not only Trevor's first spanking video, but also the first time he has been touched by a man. Trevor is a fit 21-year-old straight boy with a round, firm butt and a man's build. As you'll learn in his interview (included at the beginning of this video), Trevor is no stranger...

Tags: Bent Over, First Contact Video, Hung, Interview