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Models / Patrick Dixon

Patrick Dixon Vital Stats:
Age:  22
Fun Fact:  Had never in his life been spanked before Tom spanked him

Patrick is a hot, hung, muscular straight boy who had never been spanked before he did his first video for us.
Patrick Dixon Updates

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Patrick by All Fours
Patrick Dixon
Patrick is a blonde, muscular straight boy with a big dick. His body is on full display in this suspension bondage video. With his hands and feet secured to the same spreader bar, you can see everything. It’s a humiliating position for a straight boy, but Patrick is far too distracted by the harshness...

Tags: Blondes, Bondage, Hung, Muscular

Patrick on the Spanking Bench
Patrick Dixon
Patrick is a hot, muscular 23-year-old straight boy who has done a series of videos for us. We usually publish our models’ videos in the order they were shot, but this video was shot before some of Patrick’s other videos that we’ve already released. This was probably his second or third video....

Tags: Blondes, Bondage, Caning, Hung

Patrick on the Spanking Rail
Patrick Dixon
Patrick is a muscular, hung straight boy. Seemingly always low on funds, Patrick has returned today for another spanking. He has no idea that Tom plans to lock him into a fully bent-over position with his wrists and ankles bound to a spreader bar. This video shows the first use of a new piece of equipment...

Tags: Bent Over, Blondes, Bondage, Hung

Patrick Upside Down
Patrick Dixon
Patrick is a muscular, hung straight boy with a round, firm butt. He has had quite a few spankings from Tom, but today he’s in for something new. Today he will be suspended upside down for a hard spanking in a stressful position. In this video, Tom locks Patrick’s ankles to a spreader bar and...

Tags: Blondes, Bondage, Hung, Muscular

Patrick Spanked on the Plank
Patrick Dixon
Today we introduce another new position. It involves the boy lying flat on a scaffolding plank in the prone position, arms stretched out in front of him. His body is then strapped to the plank with several leather belts and his wrists put in restraints pulled tight as far as his arms will go. The result...

Tags: Blondes, Bondage, Bubble Butt, Caning

Patrick in the Spanking Tower
Patrick Dixon
Patrick is a blonde, muscular straight boy. He failed to pay a parking ticket which resulted in it going to collections. What could have been $50 is now several times that, and he needs to pay it off. He agreed to do another video, so he is effectively being spanked for parking illegally. Tom chose...

Tags: Blondes, Bondage, Hung, Muscular

Bro Code Violator Part 2
Patrick Dixon
Lean, hung Patrick's spanking for sleeping with his good friend's mother continues. At the end of part one, Patrick was naked except for his socks. His butt was already quite red. Tom had ordered him onto all fours on a work table, an embarrassing position that puts young Patrick on full display. ...

Tags: Blonde, College Student, Hung

Bro Code Violator
Patrick Dixon
Muscular, hung blonde boy Patrick is back for another spanking. Tom hadn't heard from Patrick for quite a while after his first spanking video, so it seemed like Patrick was one and done. Then Patrick needed some money, so he contacted Tom and they scheduled this shoot. This video begins with a few...

Tags: Blonde, College Student, Hung

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