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Models / Mitch Hagen
Mitch Hagen Vital Stats:
Age:  24
Fun Fact:  Looks and acts a bit like a young Charles Bronson

Mitch is a 24-year-old straight bodybuilder who decided to do adult videos for some extra income. He had never been touched by a man before his first spanking video, which he found to be very embarrassing. We plan to see much more of Mitch!
Mitch Hagen Updates

Mitch on the Cross
Mitch Hagen
Mitch is 25 and very muscular. He doesn’t like being spanked, but, like everyone else, Mitch has bills to pay. 
Mitch walked in to find the bondage cross set up and waiting. He had no idea it even existed, much less that he’d be on it. Tom orders Mitch to strip down and get on the cross. Tom...

Tags: Bondage Bondage Cross Bubble Butt Muscular

A Spanking to Remember
Mitch Hagen
Mitch is a muscular, masculine 26-year-old straight boy. Like virtually all of the boys, he does not like being spanked. However, also like virtually all of the boys, his expenses tend outstrip his earnings. Although he doesn’t know it, Mitch is in for a hard spanking today. Tom uses his hand, two...

Tags: Bent Over Bubble Butt Muscular

Josh Spanks Mitch
Josh Young , Mitch Hagen
In the first part of this shoot, Mitch, age 25, spanked Josh. Mitch took to the task at hand and gave Josh a hard spanking. Now it’s Josh’s turn to spank Mitch. Josh has spanked for us before, and he’s not shy about spanking Mitch. Josh spanks Mitch by hand and with a wooden paddle and leather...

Tags: Boy Spanks Boy Bubble Butt College Student Hung

Mitch Spanks Josh
Josh Young , Mitch Hagen
Today Mitch, age 25 and ripped, spanks Josh, age 19. The is the first time Mitch has been the spanker instead of the spankee. To capture the awkward reality of this situation, Tom made sure Mitch and Josh hadn’t even met before the start of this video. Josh walks in the room and, in a few short...

Tags: Boy Spanks Boy Bubble Butt College Student Muscular

Mitch's Wedgie Spanking
Mitch Hagen
Mitch is a muscleboy with a ripped physique and round butt. He knows he’s in for a surprise today, but doesn’t know anything about what that surprise is. He only learns the particulars as the video proceeds. First Tom inserts a butt plug in Mitch’s ass, and then he gives him a wedgie with an...

Tags: Bondage Bubble Butt Muscular Restraints

Mitch Hagen
Mitch is a ripped 24-year-old athlete who works out six days a week (and it shows!). When he decided to come in for another spanking, Tom had a surprise for him. Tom orders Mitch to get on a commercial-grade, gym-quality lateral elliptical machine. So, while he is getting spanked, Mitch must do a...

Tags: Bubble Butt Hung Muscular

Mitch's First Spanking Part 2
Mitch Hagen
This is the second half of Mitch’s first spanking. His butt is already red, and Tom keeps spanking him, including with a leather belt. Mitch is no stranger to the belt. Mitch gets angry as the spanking continues. He is clearly muttering angry thoughts under his breath, but he knows better than to...

Tags: Bubble Butt First Contact Video Hung Muscular

Mitch's First Spanking
Mitch Hagen
First Contact Video! - Mitch is a ripped 24-year-old straight boy who, before this spanking, had never been touched by a man. Mitch spends a lot of time in the gym. He decided to start working out in his late teens (he thought it would be cool to be muscular) and has never looked back. He was very hesitant...

Tags: First Contact Video Hung Interview Muscular